Mission Statement
The mission of Elite Vending, Inc. is to provide fresh products in state of the art energy efficient, well maintained, visually appealing equipment at reasonable prices.

Elite Vending was created in 1990, as a partnership with Corporate Chefs Inc. to provide a one-stop-shop for their clients.  The three partners — Alan Ayres, David DesRosiers and Ken Bickford — offer multiple years of food service and vending experience. Elite Vending provides high quality vending service to a complete range of companies and corporations.

David MacDonald began with Corporate Chefs in 2000 as a Food Service Director and promoted to District Manager in 2006.  He recently advanced to Director of Operations for Elite Vending.  As the Director of Operations, David oversees all operations and the management of personnel while working on the administrative side to promote and grow the business. He has a proven track record of multi-tasking efficiently and the personable skills necessary to attract, network and negotiate with both suppliers and customers. David has the ability to ensure the success of Elite Vending through the selective promotion of our products and services in a manner that results in mutual benefit for all

Lead Technician, Carl Cahill began as a Route Service Representative in 1997 has moved up through the ranks to Route Supervisor and finally to Lead Technician in 2005.  He is a Certified Type I Technician.



Elite Vending is large enough to offer a full range of services, yet small enough to be focused on your operation.  You are not just a number, you are our future and we understand that being close to our customers is important for our success.  We have the advantage of getting new products to market quickly, meet with our customers more frequently and develop personal relationships faster than our large competitors.  Our spirit of family has led us to great success because it often creates a tremendous amount of energy for our clients.

The strength of our company lies with our Route Service Representatives.  Elite Vending provides an extensive training program along with seminars and open forums for cultivating new ideas.  Our professional service means less down time, more productivity, higher sales and increased clients commissions.

Our equipment is the industry’s most reliable, well-constructed machines outfitted with attractive and contemporary graphics. Vending snack machines contain Sensit Technology that detects an item has vended.  Our years of experience, has taught us that a well merchandised machine increases the profits for our clients and has visual appeal to our customers.  

We conduct regular maintenance to ensure all vending machines are working properly and when preventative maintenance fails, we offer 24-hour service from our trained technician. Our service vehicles are stocked with an extensive parts inventory to achieve a ‘one call, one response’ fix. Our technicians are continuously educated in service techniques on all new and existing equipment.

Quality Food

In a world demanding high quality, name brand products, Elite Vending uses only the best.  Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience and a commitment to research the demands of our customers.  We are proud to offer a wide range of Gluten free, Vegan and Organic products lines.



Cashless Vending – Elite Vending can offer credit and debit card readers as an alternate method of payment.  Our machines would process the customer’s card quickly and securely.
Google Wallet – Our machines can interact with google wallet as a form of payment via the customer’s smart phone.  Another form of accepting payment safely and securely, while providing options for our customers
Elite Vending continues to run monthly promotions in all machines.  The “Winner Mode” is randomly generated throughout each machine.  The winner will receive their chosen item and the machine will issue an automatic refund.  

We want vending to be fun, attractive, refreshing and convenient. We have a great variety of products in every machine and more importantly in each row.  We do not “double up” on the same items in each machine and promote different products to maximize the selection to our customer.  Elite Vending is constantly adding and rotating new snack items and value priced snack items to our machines.
Heart Health Products
Nutritional awareness is changing the tastes and diets of today’s world. Elite Vending promotes its Healthy Balance program which includes brand name health conscious snacks.  Look for the “Red Apple” decal for one of our Heart Healthy options.



Elite Vending has partnered with Complete Recycling Solutions to recycle all vending lamps which separates mercury containing lamps into their main components, recovers the mercury, and recycles 100 percent of the end products.
Cardboard: We reduce landfill waste by recycling over one ton of cardboard and paper from our warehouse monthly.
LED Lighting:  All LED Lighting in our vending machines reduce energy consumption while providing brighter lights that last longer.  
Vendmisers:  Cold beverage machines can be equipped with Vendmiser Sensor Technology This technology senses when usage is slow and will power down the refrigeration and the lights to the machine decreasing energy consumption by 46% without sacrificing quality of the product in the machine.